Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cari Tuhan ..hidup kita dimerdekakan

Renungan: August 17, 2011

Carilah TUHAN selama Ia berkenan ditemui; berserulah kepada- Nya selama Ia dekat! - Yesaya 55:6

Carilah Tuhan dan berserulah kepada Nya pergunakan segala kesempatan yg ada utk datang mendekat kepada Tuhan. Karena ada jaminan keseelamatan yg Tuhan sediakan buat kita hidup kita dimerdekakan dan dilepaskan dari belenggu dosa yg mengikat kita.

Tinggalkan segala dosa dan datang kepada Tuhan dan percayakan hidup kita kpd Tuhan krn kita tau rancangan Tuhan bukanlah rancangan kiita dan jalan Tuhan bukanlah jalan2 kita. Rancangan Nya bagi kita adalah masa depan kita yg penuh pengharapan.

Shalom sahabatku, salam merdeka..... Hari ini kita merayakan ulang tahun kemerdekaan bangsa kita tercinta Indonesia dan biarlah kita juga setiap hari merayakan kemerdekaan hidup kita atas dosa karena kita tau bersama Tuhan kita adl lebih dari pemenang dan Tuhan siap membela kita yg hidupnya takut kpd Tuhan. MERDEKA Tuhan Yesus memberkati.

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Now more than ever before we need to press into hearing what the Spirit of the Lord is saying today. We need to know Him. This manual will help you in your journey of intimacy with the Lord and bring you to greater understanding of the commands in Scripture to encourage one another. I often will say as I instruct ones in the prophetic that all of the gifts of the Spirit flow through the prophetic. Being a prophetic person is one who is able to hear from God. We all hear from God to a certain extent. The sons of Issachar had understanding of the times and they knew what to do. Having understanding of the times is equal to having words of wisdom, words of knowledge, and discernment flowing through you. If we can hear God's voice then we can hear words of wisdom. If we can hear God's voice then we can hear words of knowledge. If we can hear God's voice we can have discernment. If we can hear God's voice we can have faith to declare those things that are not as though they are. If we can hear God's voice then all of the Gifts of the Spirit will flow through us. More than ever before we need to understand that in the last days, as prophesied by Joel and repeated by Peter, there will be widespread revelations from God. We will not receive revelations from God if we do not hear His voice. God speaks in a variety of ways. The most basic avenues God speaks to us are through the Bible, prayer, people, nature, dreams, and an inner sense of knowing something. Certainly and most definitely we have entered such an occasion. God is speaking today. It behooves all believers to embark on this most exciting journey of learning to hear God?s voice in as many possible ways as God is speaking.

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